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The Mission and Objectives of the Hip Hop Hall of Fame Museum is to promote and preserve the past, present and future of hip-hop music and cultural arts, and to highlight the role of hip- hop music & culture in the broader urban culture and its explore its social impact in the world.  To create and support projects that develop, inspire, educate and enrich the hip-hop community; and celebrate the positive and uplifting characteristics of the music culture that promotes socio-economic empowerment, and urban development.

HHHOF is a non-profit and chartered permanent museum and educational institution in the service of society for the purposes of study, education and enjoyment hip-hop music & culture and its environment. The HHHOF will form partnerships and alliances in an effort to galvanize the Hip Hop Community in the USA and around the world. The Museum will act as liaison in the nurturing, restoring and perfecting communication and cooperation in all areas of hip hop culture from music, film, sports, television, fashion, business, community organizations, student organizations, and economic development institutions for the growth, maturity, and expansion of The HHHOF Museum will be established and supported by proceeds from the annual HHHOF Awards television shows, special events, promotional tours, and from revenue sharing deals. Our goals for the 21st Century are as follows:

I Preservation and Cultivation
The Foundation seeks to (1) be a voice for the issues and concerns of the Hip Hop generation, (2) promote and preserve the cultural art form and its history, (3) to be a network clearing house of knowledge, information, and educational products and services, that will assist in the development of artists, industry professionals, and students supporting entrepreneurial opportunities within the greater hip hop entertainment and professional industry.

II Community and Social Responsibility
The Hall seeks to form National and International Public, Private, and Corporate partnerships, with Entertainment, Professional, and Grass-root Community Organizations to assist the development of youth, students, and urban areas. We look to a future where Hip Hop Culture can be a positive influence and benefit to help resolve some of the problems in the inner-city. Together we can accomplish this by getting involved in the lives and education of our youth. We are determined to rebuild relationships, encourage scholarships, and grants with corporate and individual investments in the following:

  1. Educational Programs & Scholarships (high school and college)
  2. Mentoring (industry, business & professional organizations)
  3. History and Multi-Cultural Tolerance
  4. Job training and Career preparation
  5. Health services and awareness information
  6. Family and Financial planning
  7. Voter Registration and information
  8. Community Forums and newsletters
  9. Community Business and Empowerment
  10. Artists and Industry Standards and Organization

III Community Outreach
The Hall plans to utilize the Hip Hop Hall of Fame Museum & Entertainment Complex in New York, and its International franchises, to promote national community outreach and empowerment. We will offer job training, student internships, employment, and monthly workshops for working families, at-risk youth and former welfare recipients, in financial management, computers, and for careers in the restaurant, customer service, retail, culinary arts, and in music & television production in partnership with sponsors and industry professionals. The mission is to foster Peace, Love, Unity, Education, Empowerment, and Healthy living for a better quality of life for the communities we serve.