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The Voices of the Sugar Hill Gang 'Wonder Mike and Master Gee' are Inducted into The Hip Hop Hall of Fame in May 2014 TV Awards Show in NYC @Stage48

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The Hip Hop Global Media & Entertainment, LLC (HHGME) was established in 1994 as a Co- Executive Producer of the flagship Hip Hop Hall of Fame Awards TV Show that was broadcasted in National Syndication and on the BET Cable Network in the 1990s. The objective of HHGME is to directly target the United States and Global Hip Hop “Generation X-Y” audience of millennials and pop culture trendsetters and the adults who have grown up on and appreciate hip hop music & culture. They spend and influence over $500M annually on products, services, merchandise, and devices. This will be accomplished by integrating platforms that deliver our content and sponsors messages to a worldwide audience with scheduled programming that includes fan engagement and interactive features. The goal is to be an advertiser friendly supported company that creates opportunities through partnerships with our various clients in the industry. Various programs and multi-media ventures will help fund the Hip Hop “Hall of Fame” endowment fund, whose mission is to preserve hip hop history, and develop the market for artists while assisting youth educational, social and economic programs.