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Education Department

The education department at the Hip Hop Hall of Fame (HHHOF) seeks to inspire all of our audiences to engage with our collection and exhibitions through programs and resources at the Museum & Entertainment Complex in Midtown Manhattan.

The HHHOF education and scholarship department will offer courses, lectures, conversations, tours, and talks, and other programs throughout the year at the facility.  We have a variety of programming tailored for all kinds of lifelong learners—from novice to expert, and from hands-on art activities to talks about art and culture.

Education and Professional Programs

Courses and Demonstrations

Gallery Talks and Tours

Artists & Producers Programs

Student Programs

K-12 Programs

Lectures and Conversations

Interpretive Spaces

Interactive Pavillions

Sketching & Graffiti Programs

Historic Timeline Exploration

HHHOF Mascot ‘DJ B-Boy Scratch’

DJ 'B-Boy Scratch' is Official Mascot of Hip Hop Hall of Fame Museum. He will Entertain 50,000 NYC Public School Kids on Annual Field Trips & PSA Events and Assemblies.

Internships and On-the Job Training:

The HHHOF will provide special programs for career and educational, development for HHHOF careers. They will include administrative, retail, hospitality, restaurant, food service, and culinary careers.


History/Math/Science/Art/Civil Rights/Health, Anti-Bullying, Anti-Smoking, Stay in School

Consideration: Additional campaigns targeted to encourage female and male students to have strong self-images and seek higher education.

Off-Site Educational & Mobile Exhibit Tours:

The HHHOF will travel to Museums, Forums, Schools, Colleges, and Communities around the USA and the World.

College Faculty and Students

College and university faculty are encouraged to bring their classes to the HHHOF and explore Hip Hop Culture & Society through Art and Music. Faculty may teach in the HHHOF classrooms or make special arrangements for a visit facilitated by Museum staff.

College and Facilitator Visits

College and university faculty may arrange a visit facilitated by Museum educators. These visits are tailored to the needs and interests of faculty and students and complement classroom learning. To get the most out of these opportunities, faculty should submit a request to visit the Getty Center with students. Contact us at least one month in advance of the preferred date for the visit. A representative of the education department will contact the professor to discuss the visit in more detail, including which artworks the students will view at the Museum and the goals of the instructor. In addition to a single visit, we welcome proposals for multiple visits by a class, sessions in Museum study rooms, and workshops with Museum staff and practicing artists. Please note that we are currently able to fulfill a limited number of these reservations.

Theater Education Programs

College and university faculty may bring their students to performances and readings by HHHOF Music & Cultural Artists.

Professional Development

Workshops and programs will be offered at the HHHOF

Resources for the Classroom

The HHHOF to provide lesson plans and guides for K–12 grades, and adult ESL learners.

Resources for Students

The HHHOF will engage on-line games, videos, and activities for students of all ages.

Browse Curricula & Guides

The HHHOF will produce and publish scholastic books, guides, and materials related to Hip Hop Music & Culture.

Family Events and Activities

The HHHOF will offer a wide variety of family events and activities.

Hands on Hip Hop Educational Exhibits

Explore the Hip Hop Culture Exhibits are designed just for children to discover a world of Music, Art, Dance, Graffiti Artistry, DJing, and MCing wonders with hands-on activities.

Come learn about Hip Hop art together—make a music cd, create a graffiti work of art, take a picture with your favorite celebrity, dance in a music video, or spin some records as a deejay,

and more.

Individual Exploration & Tours by Mobile Gallery App

You can hunt for treasures, celebrity exhibits, nameplates, and more following the HHHOF

Self-guided tour app. Find the art and have fun uncovering the mysteries of Hip Hop Music & Culture with this mobile app designed for your family, tourists, and fans to use while exploring the galleries, pavilions, halls, exhibits, architecture, and more. The mobile app will be available for download in 2015 in English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Swahili, Italian, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Hebrew, Farsi, and other world languages.


The Hip Hop Hall of Fame Library of Collections, Archives, Memorabilia, Merchandise will be a collaboration of many educational programs and institutions of higher learning to foster the scholarship and study of Hip Hop Music & Culture from its influences, birth, and growth to the multi-billion dollar world phenomenon we call Hip Hop. The Hip Hop Hall of Fame will feature a Hip Hop Library of important and significant works including photos, picture designs, art, books, video, memorabilia, artifacts and more.