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The Hip Hop and Technology scene is predominately full of males but things are changing quickly. Not only are more women joining both worlds, but they are adding superior value and kicking ass while doing so. This week on The Phat Startup Show, we talked with Rosalinda Ruiz about the female’s perspective on hustling and creating movements. Rosalinda is an entrepreneur in the Hip Hop space, hustler, community leader and has even been called the God Mother of Dallas Hip Hop. Impressed yet? You will be!

Rosalinda grew up in Texas and like many of us had to hear her parent’s music. She got her share of 80’s Rock and Tejano music. Her siblings however; would put her on to Hip Hop, which led her to debating lyrics with her childhood friends and loving it. She went to college to study politics but instead of running for government took it to the Dallas Hip Hop scene. The creativity behind Hip Hop her drew her in and keeps her focused.

Rosalinda walks us through her first venture, which was creating a music studio in Dallas. She tells us she had no idea what she was doing, but was naïve enough to know that she would make it work. She and her partners got their first shot at it by securing a loan through a micro lender which was geared towards minority. She would use her power of common sense to learn all about the operational side of running a studio. From building the brand, loans, contracts to making sure bills got paid; Rosalinda had the ultimate boot camp.

The studio didn’t work out the way she would like, but the lessons she obtained will continue to help her on the business front. She now works on managing artists and building a label called Computer Ugly. Rosalinda tells us why being behind the scenes works best for her business and how it has helped her career. Rosalinda tells us why building a brand is so important, and why common sense is an entrepreneurs’ greatest asset. She tells us why we all should focus on the overall mission and not on single goals. She also tells us why confidence plays a huge role in business.

Rosalinda ripped it and represented the females to the fullest. Her business acumen is off the hook so take notes and get to work!

When asked who she would have sitting on her 24 round-table, Rosalinda picked Kanye West, Robert Rodriguez or Salma Hayek. Find out why above!

4 things she would tell her younger self:

1) Don’t have one goal, have a mission
2) Be passionate but be realistic about what you are trying to do
3) Choose your business partners wisely
4) Don’t wait for others to believe you, believe in yourself

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