Battle of the DeeJays in South Africa

DJ - battle of deejays - south africa

FANOTAINMENT will be hosting the battle of upcoming deejays who are invited to audition at the Cotton Pub on Saturday.

Fantotainment founder, Fano Gumede, said he is looking for a minimum of 20 deejays who will get a three-month working contract with Cotton Pub and Fantotainment.

“This is a golden opportunity that will be given to the local deejays. We want to grow and expose local talent. We believe the city has raw talent and there are capable young people who can put PMB on the map.

“The winner will get R1 000 cash. The winning deejay will also take home the R40 joining fee from all the deejays who have entered. The winner will also play at the annual Impi 2015 event at the end of November,” said Gumede.

Deejays must prepare a 10-minute set and they must be able to beat mix and have good track selection. Any type of music is welcomed as the slogan is “play to impress”.

Registration forms are available at Cotton Pub or alternatively call 083 499 4122. The event will start at 11am lasting until 2pm


Source:  News 24

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