Failures in NY Knicks & Brooklyn Nets prove you can’t buy success in NBA

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Commissioner David Stern loves to see the Knicks and other big-market teams go deep into the playoffs -- that has always been the suspicion of small-market teams and their fans. But I'm not so sure that point of view exists this year.

Stern and his imminent replacement, deputy comissioner Adam Silver, must be taking heart in the ongoing failures of the Knicks and Nets, whose crosstown meeting Thursday night in Brooklyn was an exhibition of extravagant incompetence. For the short term, at least, these two bloated teams have been suggesting that the new collective bargaining agreement may be on the right track. Two years after a lockout that was meant to create hope for teams from the fiscally limited NBA markets, the Nets and Knicks are demonstrating that big money doesn't buy success.

While small-market teams have been limiting their expenses in accordance with the new CBA, the Nets and Knicks tried to spend their way to title contention this year. The two teams of New York are committed to $312 million in player salaries and luxury-tax penalties between them -- far more than the costs of the 76ers, Suns, Jazz, Bucks and Hawks altogether -- and what has all of that money earned them? The Big Apple teams are a combined 9-27.

On Thursday, the Knicks snapped their nine-game losing streak by clobbering the Nets 113-83 in a game that weakened the value of the dollar in the NBA. Both franchises are able to draw from a seemingly unlimited pool of resources, and all they've got to show for that money are a couple of undisciplined organizations. After assembling the most expensive roster the league has ever seen, the Nets brought in a coach with no coaching experience. In order to compensate for that hiring of Jason Kidd, they spent a record $6 million on Lawrence Frank with the understanding that he would be expected to take on more responsibility than the normal assistant coach. When Frank did what he had been hired to do, Kidd reassigned him amid veiled claims that Frank was undermining him.

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