Lil Wayne Passes An All-Time Elvis Presley Hot 100 Mark


The rapper tops the King of Rock and Roll's mark for the most Hot 100 appearances among solo acts. Presley, however, maintains a wide lead for the  most entries among all artists as a lead solo act.

He'll always be the King of Rock and Roll, but when it comes     to the artist with the most Billboard Hot 100 hits,      Elvis Presley's     longstanding record total gives way to a new stats king:      Lil Wayne.  As he debuts as a featured artist (with      Chris Brown,      Tyga and      Wiz Khalifa) on      Game's aptly titled     "Celebration" at No. 82, the superstar rapper rewrites the mark     for the most Hot 100 chart visits. Now with 109 entries, Weezy     passes Elvis Presley, who totaled 108 between the chart's 1958     launch and 2003.


Updated: Artists with the most Billboard Hot 100 hits, as leads and featured acts combined, in the chart's 54-year history:

204, "Glee" Cast

109, Lil Wayne

108, Elvis Presley

91, James Brown

74, Ray Charles

73, Aretha Franklin

71, the Beatles

71, Jay-Z

67, Elton John

63, Stevie Wonder

The "Glee" cast is the only act with more Hot 100 hits than     Lil Wayne or Presley, having tallied 204 entries since its 2009     arrival. Of course, as the "Glee" cast's total is influenced by the     act releasing multiple singles digitally week-by-week (the bulk     of which have charted due to sales exclusively, absent of radio     support), Lil Wayne's sum is likewise partly a product of the     era of rappers sharing credit on each other's tracks. Weezy has     been the lead artist on 42 - or only 39% - of his Hot 100 hits,     showing as a featured act on his other 67. Presley was billed     as the lead artist on all 108 of his chart hits. The King's     still-highest sum of the most Hot 100 hits as a lead solo     artist seems safe, given that the next-closest solo acts with     the most entries as leads are      James Brown (91),      Aretha Franklin (73)     and      Ray Charles (72).

Also notably, Presley's career, and some of his signature     hits, like "Heartbreak Hotel," "Don't Be Cruel" and "Hound     Dog," predated the Hot 100. As Presley placed a hefty 31 titles     on pre-Hot 100 Billboard airplay/sales/jukebox charts between     just 1956 and summer 1958, according to Joel Whitburn's "Top     Pop Singles" reference book, he likely would've sent     approximately that many more songs onto the Hot 100 had it     existed when he arrived.

Presley's Hot 100 span encompasses the chart's Aug. 4, 1958,  inception through Oct. 4, 2003 (45 years and two months), when     "Rubberneckin' " ranked at No. 100 after peaking at No. 94. Lil     Wayne has passed Presley's total over 13 years and three     months, having first appeared the week of July 10, 1999.

While making approximately two-thirds of his Hot 100 visits     in featured roles, Lil Wayne has still enjoyed laudable Hot 100     accolades. He's notched two No. 1s: 2008's "Lollipop" and     2009's "Down," on which he assisted      Jay Sean. Fifty-seven of     his Hot 100 entries have reached the top 40 and 17, the top 10     (compared to Presley's 80 and 25, respectively).

Source:  Billboard


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